Stress Isn't The Glue That Holds You Together - 5 Methods to Increase Stress Resiliency

As a Wellness Coach and Practitioner, a big part of my work with clients incorporates stress-reducing remedies in the form of hands-on body therapies, and simple practices that can quickly become a go-to in times of heightened stress and anxiety. 

In honor of April being Stress Awareness month, I’m going to share with you some of the practices I use with my clients.

I think we all know the real dangers to our health and wellbeing associated with chronic stress. In case you need a refresher or some extra motivation to make a change.

Chronic stress…

…is inflammatory to the brain and body.

…creates imbalances in our hormones.

…destroys brain cells.

…fuels depression.

…impacts us biologically, psychologically and socially.

Living with constant high levels of stress and no reprieve increases our sensory load, leading to an overstimulated nervous system. When the nervous is overstimulated chronically, a cascade of potential health issues arise. Stress accounts for 80% of doctor visits!

Based on the latest model, we have three branches of the autonomic nervous system:

  1. Safety - rest/digest

  2. Danger - fight/flight

  3. Life threat - freeze (immobilization)

Ideally we should be in the rest/digest nervous state most of the time with moments of fight/flight when faced with heightened stress from threats (reckless drivers on the highway, running late for a presentation, etc). When we are unable to shift back to rest/digest or when we think we *need* our stress to have an edge, that’s when we have problem.

If you think, stress is the glue that holds you together, read on, and reach out to me!

I’ve got a better way for you to unlock the highest potential of your brain so you can sustain peak performance AND feel bliss and joy.

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My Top 5 Methods To Increase Your Resiliency To Stress:

#1 - Recharge (consistently)

Take short decompression breaks throughout the day. You’ll come back more focused and productive.

Do This!

Meditate - sit quietly and focus on your breath. That’s it. Do this for 5-15 minutes.

Breathe - take full deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Take nine breaths and on the last breath hold your breath using a timer. Slowly exhale the air when you body signals you to do so. Repeat this nine breath practice for 5-15 minutes.

Keep in mind - relaxation is a learned skill.


Invest 30-60 minutes daily into your health and get back 4-6 hours - achieve more in less time.

Non-destructive Ways To Decompress After Work:

Restorative Mindbody Practices

Breath work (deep, slow breathing)

Massage therapy

Move Your Body 

Take a walk outside for a minimum of six minutes.

Jump on a rebounder

Dance and sing

Qigong, yoga (not hot yoga), Pilates, foam rolling*

*Keep in mind - gentle movement exercises that rely on body weight are easier on the nervous system because they rely on leverage instead of weights.

Play In The Dirt 

Tend to your garden

Go forest bathing

Earthing - place your feet directly on the ground on dirt or sand.


Play - let go and have fun.

#2 - Energize

Fuel your brain and body with nourishing whole foods and purified water. Move your bones.

Do This!

Eat REAL Foods (choose organic)

Fresh fruits

Leafy greens and vegetables

Lean, organic meats

Smoothies - a delicious meal that packs a ton of nutrients, quick to prep and easy to consume.

Mid-afternoon munch on crunchy vegetables or fruits like apples or pears.

Keep in mind - 40% of stress is due to nutritional stress.

Do This!

Stay Hydrated

Keep a glass or stainless bottle of purified water at your desk. Refills and potty breaks get you moving.

Drink 30 minutes before a meal, 2.5 hours after meal.

Drink half your body weight in ounces (increase intake with high heat or exercise).

Keep in mind - dehydration causes stress.

Do This!

Connect With Your Body/Move Your Bones

Take a 5-6 minute walk, preferably outside (weather permitting), otherwise walk the steps or through the building.

Roll your feet/foam roll your body.

Do a few stretches at your desk or in the kitchen at your office.

Keep in mind - You address tension throughout your whole body when you Roll or Massage your feet.

#3 - Recovery 

Train your brain to become more comfortable in a quiet, restorative state. Here are some of my personal go-to products to help me recover and repair from life’s stressors.

Do This!

Use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

There are many ways to use essential oils. You can diffuse them, add to a cream or oil and apply topically, or apply them directly to the bottoms of your feet. My favorite brand is Young Living. I love their Peace & Calming blend, Lavender, Joy, and some special blends I make.

Take a Magnesium Supplement 

Chronic stress causes the depletion of magnesium in the body. Magnesium protects the body against stress, aids in restful sleep and post workout muscle recovery, just to name a few of the powerful benefits. As with all supplements, you want a high quality supplement that is bioavailable. My favorite brand is Activation Magnesium spray. You can find it here, along with other favorites.

Do a detox soak

Use a Quality Grade CBD Oil

I recommend beginning with a low dosage and listening to your body. My favorite brand is Charlotte’s Web.

Build Your Cellular Engine

Drink a REDOX signaling molecules solution. It’s been my not-so-secret fountain of youth elixir for over six years. I am a huge fan of ASEA brand - quality products backed by science and supported by research.

Keep in mind - more stress means more rest. Recovery is KING!

#4 - Reflect

Reflect on what you are thankful for - there is always something!

Do This!

Give Thanks - give thanks to Spirit/God/Universe or whatever you refer to the source greater than us.

Keep a Gratitude Journal 

Express Your Gratitude -never miss an opportunity to show appreciation to your loved ones, clients, strangers, service providers, on the highway - everywhere.

Keep in mind - what we think about expands. Want more goodness? Focus on it!

#5 - Revitalize

Rest and relaxation is a must, not a luxury.

Do This!

Make Time Daily For a Little “Me Time.”

Prioritize Rest

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene - set yourself up for sound sleep.

Keep in mind - daytime stresses often lead to restless sleep.

Schedule Time Off - make off-days your reality

Take Mini-breaks - unplug and unwind

Keep in mind - you can diminish/eliminate burnout in a week’s time (7 to 10 days have positive effects).

There you have it, some of my proven practices for overcoming fatigue, increasing your stress resilience and improving your state of mind and health. 

Start small. Make it stick. Before you know it you will feel the increase in your energy levels, better overall performance, more patience and life satisfaction. 

If you are ready for a more personalized program to address your chronic stress, let’s connect. I can help you clear the fog of distress and restore your health.

Cheers to your lifelong wellbeing,