There are numerous ways to work with me in person, depending on your specific needs. I offer treatments in my Dallas office, onsite corporate wellness programs and a VIP private retreat in your home.



This two-hour intensive is personalized to meet your specific needs. Give your mind and body what it needs to heal; and ultimately thrive.

Stress-Corrective Bodywork

Designed for athletes prepping for/recovering from an event.


Designed to soothe your nervous system, and promote greater rest and healing. Great for executives that need to decompress and rebalance work-life demands.

Optimize Your Nutrition

Designed to take your mind and body health to a whole new level with therapeutic nutrition.

Healthy Living Grocery Store Tour - learn how to shop and eat for your specific health and wellness goals. Conducted at a local grocery store. 

Food Demos - learn how to make easy, healthy dishes that taste delicious. Meal planning tips and tricks to keep you on track.

Wellness Plan

The Wellness Plan is a comprehensive, personalized 3-month program designed to produce results in every area of your life.

Full-scale Bodywork

  • Hands-on manual therapy techniques to unravel deeply held tensions and improve fascial fitness.

  • Body alignment techniques to restore posture.

  • Precise, targeted strength training, mobility and resistance stretching to maximize powerful movement patterns.

  • Myofascial release and neuromuscular reintegration to achieve optimal recovery.

Optimized Nutrition 

Learn how to make healthy cuisine without sacrificing the taste you love, eat for energy, and make sense of all the dietary misinformation out there.

Mindset Reboot

Restorative mindbody techniques and relaxation methods to calm your nerves, improve your mood and get a more restful sleep. Proven techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind, clear stress and function at your best. Laser-coaching helps you reach your goals easier by retraining your brain to work for you.

VIP Lifestyle Makeover

Body. Home. Life.

Your space is an extension of you. If you’re feeling at home in your body, but step into your living space only to be greeted by a disorderly, hot mess, your energy will be thrown off. Your mood will shift - you won’t be able to think, relax or enjoy connecting with your family or loved ones. You may even drop into shame that you can’t have anyone over.

Your home is your sacred space. It is where you go to relax and restore yourself so you can sustain your drive for excellence. You will feel your best in a harmonious environment surrounded by items that fill you with joy.

A balanced, harmonious home is a necessity to sustained peak performance in any area, whether it be professionally or as an athlete.

Together, we will map out a plan for you to create an intentional living space - clear the clutter, detox your home of dangerous chemicals and setup your space to support your health and driven-lifestyle. You need a space to breathe between the busy moments. I can help with that.

What you’ll get during your LIVE 1-DAY VIP Lifestyle Makeover:

  • Kickstart assignment to determine focus of lifestyle makeover (Body. Home. Life.)

  • 1-Day private retreat in your home

  • Information and materials based on your specific goals

  • Celebration and accountability session via phone or web-cam (one follow-up)

  • Email access to me

Workshops, Seminars & Retreats

I provide on-site corporate wellness workshops and programs to help employees improve their health, promoting greater work performance and satisfaction. Healthy, happy employees are essential to any thriving business. Work smarter wellness programs are designed to save your employees time while giving them the wellness information they need to increase brain performance and lower day-to-day stress.

These workshops make great lunch-and-learns or after work incentive programs.

I am also available to speak at Meet-Up groups and other gatherings.


  • Retrain Your Brain. Move Beyond Obstacles.

  • Break Your Addiction to Crazy Busy.

  • Making Peace with Perfectionism.


  • How Fit is Your Fascia - Ki-Hara Method self-stretch and mobility exercises for self-care

  • Better Posture Through Pilates

  • Cleansing and Detoxification (improved health and sustained weight loss)

  • Golfer’s Strength & Length Conditioning System, founder

  • Lighten Your Load, weight management program


  • Restore Your Health - Food Demos (plant-based, raw and cooked recipes)

  • The Seven Elements to Optimal Health

  • Energy Medicine - Reiki Jin Kei Do; Qigong

Trish Fortune’s holistic approach to health is pure magic! Her intimate knowledge of the human body and mind coupled with her unique massage techniques are truly remarkable.
— R. Weber