Trish is able to employ her unique combination of training in multiple disciplines, skill and experience to promote healing and improvement of body function which is impaired as the result improper use, poor posture, injury or even sleeping in the wrong position. Without the care and attention she has provided to me, I would not be able to function physically at the same level I currently enjoy.
— M. McWilliams

I have worked with Trish for nearly three years in various areas including body maintenance, nutrition and Pilates. Trish is a true professional who goes above and beyond what a client would expect from her. She brings a true professionalism and takes pride in the caliber of her work. She is always open to taking time when you are not working with her to answer questions or give helpful advice. Trish most impressively brings a knowledge base in regards to how the body works that I have not experienced in the past working with numerous other health & fitness professionals. She thrives on continuing her education and learning the latest techniques to assist her clients by partaking in seminars. Trish has shown a willingness to give her time away from the office to help when needed which is something rarely seen in the industry. Most impressively she thrives on helping others reach their goals whether it be in the health of the body, weight loss, or in healing injuries. Anyone looking to take the next step in their health goals should give Trish strong consideration.
— C. Stavorowski

Trish and her capabilities are a true blessing in my life. Over the past two years she has helped my body to open up for more mobility and flexibility. She dials into your body and knows how to deal with the areas that may be blocking the energy flow or where the pain is coming from. All the modalities she summons to begin the healing work together and the body always responds. You owe it to your body and soul to work with Trish and they will love you for it!
— S. Kimberley

Trish Fortune’s holistic approach to health is pure magic! Her intimate knowledge of the human body and mind coupled with her unique massage techniques are truly remarkable. I have always been a skeptic when it comes to holistic health therapy. Several years ago, I had severe lower back issues, and was making little progress in rehabilitating a knee replacement. I had recurring inflammation in the joints of my entire body.  I met Trish Fortune at my health club and saw the unusual techniques she was using on the same people who returned week after week and decided to work with her for two months. I noticed relief pretty quick and decided to continue working with Trish. The inflammation finally went away per her diet advice and through her massage techniques, my knee replacement range of motion was much improved and lower back pain was relieved. Her insight and techniques have expanded my active lifestyle at 64 years of age. Trish will fix you!
— R. Weber

I have been under regular care with Trish for approximately two years. I’m a working professional with a physically demanding job and an outdoor athlete. I often sustain injuries that can range from the minor to the traumatic.  

I first sought help with Trish for a torn knee injury that was slow to recoup. Trish’s understanding of connective and myofascial tissue was immediately apparent, and I improved greatly in strength and mobility with my knee in just a few sessions. Her progressive approaches to bodywork and the comprehensive methodologies in combination make her an adept practitioner. Trish’s work on me had such an effect on my health and well-being, that I was convinced that the type of care she provided for me was necessary for my fitness and career the same way sleep and workout regime are.

Since then, Trish has helped with the maintenance of my body, along with treatment of a multitude of injuries and problems along the way, to include:  torn knees, a torn shoulder, and even a TBI sustained from a concussion.

Trish’s attention to the individual’s needs for healing and care are above and beyond what is found by any other practitioner out there. The quality of focused attention she gives in sessions shows that she cares about the results and my well-being rather than just providing service for the time allotted.  

My treatments and experience with Trish are weighted more in bodywork, however, that is by no means the extent of care that Trish can offer. If you are looking for care with your general health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, nervous system, chronic pain or illnesses, mental disruptions, or life coaching, Trish is that complete practitioner for you.  

Starting year three of weekly sessions!
— D. Canete

I have had the pleasure of getting bodywork done by Trish Fortune for about 18 months.
During this time my body and more importantly my quality of life has gotten so much better with an entire program by Trish.

I got to know Trish by seeing her working on clients and asking those clients if they’ve made progress. To which they unanimously said yes.

I had been dealing with bone on bone arthritis in my right shoulder for over four years. At the age of 38 it is not great to have this. It caused me to stop doing multiple things that I loved, a really good workout and being able to play golf.

My range of motion was limited to below my head raising straight up and well below my ear to the side. There was an unbelievable amount of pain. I had to take Aleve PM every other night just to fall asleep.

After about three months of working with Trish, I had progressed so far that in front of my body I was now at about 45 degrees and to the side I finally got to my ear. More importantly I didn’t have pain.

Now I am at about 75 degrees to the front and 30 degrees to the side. More importantly, and better for my body I haven’t had to take pain pills in over a year.

Thank you Trish, you changed my life.
— D. Bukowski

Trish taught me how to care for my body with healing foods, exercise and helped me get my head on straight!
— M. Smith

Trish has helped me in so many ways.  I have had shoulder issues and her therapy has been extremely beneficial. For anyone who hasn’t tried “mashing,” I highly recommend it for working on very tight muscles! Trish has so much knowledge about the human body and personalizes her therapy based on exactly what I need. I’ve been a client of hers for close to two years and can confirm that she is really good at what she does.
— P. Peiffer

I’ve learned a lot from you, Trish! I’ve gained some valuable skills and perspectives from your coaching that will continue helping me in my interactions and communications. I now have the tools to maintain my passion for sports without so much risk of injury. And best of all, I’ve lost weight from following your program. I feel energized again! Thank you, Trish!
— L. Baghal