Five Steps To Reinvent Your Morning Routine

As a Wellness Coach, one of the top questions I’m asked is “how do you start your morning (and your brain) without caffeine and sugar?” 

For most of us, mornings can be hectic and stressful. 

The Not-So-Good Morning Rush

Alarms buzzing. 

Rushed to get yourself (and often kids, possibly pets) put together, fed and out the door. 

Traffic delays and backups.

The ticking of the clock..fear of being late..missing the meeting.

Exhausted before you even begin the day.

With so little time..and brain power, when it comes to morning fuel, we just grab-and-go whatever is fast and easiest, like coffee and something sweet.

Now don’t get me wrong, a good cup of coffee and a sweet treat is one of my favorite indulgences, but it’s certainly NOT the breakfast of champions.

If you are serious about setting your day up for success, it’s time to reinvent your morning routine. 



Remove the rush.

Set your alarm for fifteen minutes before you would normally get up. If you’re a fan of the snooze button, set your alarm for thirty-minutes ahead to give yourself a little extra snooze time. 

Step 2 - Greet The Day

What good shall I do today?
— Ben Franklin

As soon as your feet hit the floor, make your bed, open your blinds to let in the sunshine. A quick stretch and yawn with sound (ahhhh) as you head to the kitchen.

Step 3 - Hydrate And Get Moving

Begin your morning with a mug of warm lemon water*, followed by a fruit/green smoothie.

These beverages will begin to awaken your brain and get your bowels moving. 

I like to use this time to put away hand-washed dishes that dried overnight or empty the dishwasher while I drink my smoothie. This allows me to use my time wisely and return home to a tidy space. Winning the day, already!

*Add the juice from one, organic fresh lemon to a mug of warm purified water. Sip and enjoy!

Step 4 - Mindful Morning

Our personal routine of cleansing and primping is often completed on autopilot. Use this time to bring mindful attention to what you want for the day.

Set an intention.

See yourself having pleasant exchanges with loved ones and coworkers, enjoying nourishing foods (away from your desk), and getting outside for a breath of fresh air. 

Give thanks. Life has a way of slowing us down just enough to pause and give thanks - while drying our hair, waiting for traffic lights and elevators, during refills at the water cooler, on your commute, foam rolling before or after your workout. There’s always time for gratitude!

Remember - we’re more in control of our time and experiences than we often believe.


Step 5 - Move Your Body

Move your body now or later in the day. There’s no right time, it’s what’s right for you.

If you are the type that likes to get in your exercise first thing, great! If not, pack your workout bag the night before and have it ready by the door (or already in your trunk).

A mid-day walk with a coworker is a great way to maintain meaningful connections and camaraderie while staying healthy.

If you prefer to exercise after work, head to the gym, studio or the trail. A good sweat session is the perfect way to release your stresses and flush out toxins.

You will find that you sleep more soundly if you get ample movement.

By now you probably noticed there was no step devoted to checking emails or social media.

Let the fear go that you will be “missing something” if you don’t check in.

Rest assured you will have plenty of time for what is important when you begin with your own self-care. 

Free yourself from the hectic, “same as usual” mornings.

Reserve time and energy for what matters most.

Engage more fully in what you are doing.

Become more aware of your here-and-now experience.

Live a richer, more fulfilling life, with more meaningful relationships, greater health and well-being. 

It’s a big promise, I know.

This strategy works for me; and many of my coaching clients that have tried it for themselves.

Give it a try, adjust as necessary to meet your needs and preferences.  I want to hear how it goes. Let me know what worked (what didn’t and why)