Befriending the Inner Critic

Through her sobs, my client asked me,

“Will my good enough EVER be good enough?”


She went on to tell me that she doesn’t trust herself anymore - too many failed attempts, too many lost loves, too much time hating her body. She was tired of seeking advice from her friends and family only to be judged or feel abandoned and misunderstood. 

I keep failing - myself and everyone that matters to me.
— Client

“I keep failing - myself and everyone that matters to me.”

UGH! I know that pain. So many of us do, don’t we? The uncertainty that makes us question ourselves and look to those around us for guidance and direction.

How often do you… answers, approval and validation outside of yourself? 

…ask your friends what they would do in your situation, regardless of the fact they have never walked a single step in your shoes? 

..consult FaceBook, Google and whomever you’re following on social media - just sure that someone out there knows more about what’s best for you than YOU do? 

…put your faith in the words of another person, and latch onto words that cripple you? 

Perhaps you bought into the beliefs…

I’m not good enough.

…I’m different.

…I don’t belong.

...I’m not worthy or deserving of whatever it is that my heart aches to experience. 

Sigh. Been there. Heard it so many times inside my head growing up and now in the words of the women and men that I work with.

I spent my childhood TERRORIZED by these limiting beliefs. I adopted these messages from people around me. I made them my truth. They defined me, day in and day out. 

These limiting beliefs became my story, my “WHY” - Why I couldn't be who I wanted to be. Why I couldn’t live the life I dreamed of living. 

But if you’ve read this far, you probably know…

There’s a reason Belief System is abbreviated as B.S.!

My mind played outdated beliefs on autopilot until I FINALLY got sick of feeling like crap about myself and took action. I began to do the work to rewrite my story. I trusted myself – more than anyone else did until I transformed my beliefs about myself and what was possible for my life.

I chose freedom over familiar. 

Society may have tried to shut me down and shut my spirit out. But I’ve created (and continue to create) a life that feels successful and fulfilling to me. I CAN be the version of myself that I was born to be. 

I said “no more!” and “yes please” to my heart’s desires.

Freedom. And a life that’s deeply worth living.

How ‘bout you?

Can you relate to having to stay small in your story?

Are you…

…tired of feeling like crap and tolerating mediocracy?

...beyond ready to feel better about yourself and your life, but still feel stuck?

I’m here to support you in getting unstuck.