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Food Healing

Raw Foods Chef & Instructor

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”- did you know that actually more accurately, you are what you absorb!

Food is the best medicine we can consume to replenish our energy, nourish our bodies, support our mental and emotional health, thereby promoting increased longevity.  But not all food can meet these demands.  Unfortunately, we have an abundance of overly processed, chemically engineered, fast foods easily accessible to us.  Most of these foods have ingredients subsidized by our government making them cheaper to produce and purchase.  All of these processed foods lack the vital nutrients and energy for optimal health – leaving us not only unsatisfied, but with overfed, inflamed, malnourished bodies.  We are seeing more allergies and sensitivities to common foods such as dairy, wheat gluten and nuts.  Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and food addictions are on the rise.

There are tons of commercials out there guiding you from one diet program to the next, all promising you the results that you seek.  Some of them work in the short term and all of them ultimately, leave you hungry and discouraged.

You know what your body is craving?

The vital nutrients found in a health-forming living foods diet.  Nutrient rich and life-enhancing properties found in organic, plant-based whole foods (fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds & sprouts) are full of:

  • Natural enzymes
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Antioxidants & phytonutrients
  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Fiber
  • Essential fats

Nutrition that only nature can provide!

Now you might be thinking that can’t taste good or be much fun.  And you’d be wrong!  This is where I come in.  As a Raw Food Chef and Instructor, I will teach you how to make healthy foods taste delicious so you can have the body and health you desire, while you enjoy what’s for dinner!


I have dedicated a section on my website (Dish With Trish) to recipes that are tried and true.  You can expect to discover new yummy dishes that will leave you satisfied in your belly and promote your goals in reaching your desired waistline.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Your body is best supported by healing foods that will sustain and nourish you.

Whether you are…

  • Trying to lose weight
  • Healing from an injury
  • Seeking the fountain of youth
  • Supporting treatment of diseases such as cancer & diabetes

Come on over to my recipe section and get started today.  If you are interested in learning how to make something and you don’t see it email me and I will add it to my offerings.

Fitness Training & Rehabilitation

Corrective Exercise Specialist

As a health and fitness professional for over twenty years I have watched the industry evolve and change to keep up with the needs of our clientele.  A continued decrease in physical activity coupled with an increase in computer/technology usage have contributed to movement deficiencies, muscular imbalances and poor posture.  This trend towards non-functional living must be met with a plan of action to properly address the neuromusculoskeletal problems (aka issues involving nerves, muscles and bones).

Pain is not a lifestyle!

R.E.L.I.E.F. Methodology

R.E.L.I.E.F. methodology is a powerful, integrated system I created to correct body alignment and poor posture to support the body in moving pain-free.

This innovative system incorporates elements from various complementary therapies that are proven to work and customized to meet your needs.

Fast-Acting Relief

  • Chronic or acute pain (low back, sciatica, foot/knee problems, neck/shoulder, and then some)
  • Enhance performance
  • Increase flexibility/mobility
  • Improve posture/body alignment
  • Release tension/stress stored in the body
  • Restore health


The remedy is found in the acronym.


Enhance health/wellbeing for your entire body inside and out.

The essential components are conducted over four phases providing dynamic change:

Phase One: Rehydrate the tissues-myofascial release/trigger point therapy

Phase Two: Reeducate body’s movement patterns

Phase Three: Rebalance musculoskeletal & neurological systems

Phase Four: Retrain muscles

The four phases build upon one another – each phase is a critical step in eliminating muscle imbalances and restoring health.

Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching

Flexibility training is an essential component for every individual regardless of their fitness level.  Strength and flexibility go hand in hand.  Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is a revolutionary technique utilizing resistance in gaining flexibility and strength throughout a full range of motion-through multiple planes of movement.  Stretches go deep into the joints (hip and shoulder), thereby maximizing flexibility in everyday movement patterns.

Flexibility, strength training and core work that optimizes the body.

  • Improvement in muscle length & function
  • Protection from over-stretching
  • Elimination of muscular imbalances (often the root of many preventable injuries)
  • More powerful, explosive & core stable movements
  • A dynamic tool in rehabilitating the body after injury

Ki-Hara is a proven method of resistance flexibility stretching that is conducted one-on-one, in groups and with sports teams.

Assisted Stretching

During an assisted stretching session the Ki-Hara trainer is essentially a very sophisticated piece of gym equipment.  Each session incorporates both flexibility and strength training, plus the feedback necessary to problem solve/correct imbalances that have led to compensation patterns.  Additionally, assisted stretching sessions include a technique of deep tissue myofascial work called “mashing” to release muscles and fascia, flush toxins and increase flexibility.  Ki-Hara is essential for athletes and/or just about anyone needing rehabilitation from chronic or acute injuries.

Self Stretching

During a self stretching session the person stretching uses their own body to provide resistance.  Resistance stretching is the safest and most effective method of stretching-there is no risk of over-stretching or stretching the wrong muscles.  Strength throughout the range of movement is achieved by combining strength training and flexibility training to create optimum balance and efficiency in the body.

Should I do resistance stretching before or after I exercise-compete-etc?

When done before an exercise session, the muscles are recruited and firing for maximal performance.  When saved for after an exercise session, muscles are properly stretched and toxins are flushed from muscle tissue, aiding in greater/faster recovery.

Problem-solving method that helps correct imbalances in the body

  • Achieve optimal strength and flexibility in all ranges of motion.
  • Create positive changes in bone rotation, structural alignment & muscular performance
  • Release tension
  • Energize the body
  • Flush toxins & lactic acid from muscle tissue
  • Replenish muscles with fresh blood & oxygen



(A technique of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching)

Mashing is an innovative clinical technique to eliminate pain and elicit a considerable change in the health of the myofascial system (myo refers to muscle and fascia refers to connective tissue).

Specific methods of deep tissue manipulation are used to follow the patterns of stress in the tissues, properly treating restrictions throughout the body.

Restore blood flow.  Enhance mobility.  Release adhesions.

Mashing is a powerful method to locate and solve problems throughout the body caused by:

  • A vicious cycle of chronic pain & stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle or lethargy
  • Poor posture
  • Inflammation
  • Dehydration
  • Diet low in nutrient density
  • Changes in muscle tissue from prescription drugs
  • Excess weight gain

Mashing is a new, innovative therapy with roots in ancient Eastern healing traditions passed down over 38 generations.

The Body’s Response to Stress

  • Layers of tension build up in the body tissues
  • Lack of movement from stiff joints & restricted range of motion
  • Inflammation
  • Compensation patterns/dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system that lead to injury
  • Chronic pain

Athletes looking to be injury free and/or take their game to the next level

  • Restore proper musculoskeletal function
  • Greater range of motion
  • Improve flexibility
  • Enhance strength
  • Speedy muscle recovery

Chronic pain sufferers looking to reduce pain & inflammation

  • Flush the body of toxins
  • Decrease inflammation

40+ looking for the fountain of youth

  • Improve posture
  • Restore blood flow
  • Improve digestion
  • Restore breathing
  • Greater sense of wellbeing & vitality

 Sedentary persons looking for improved health & wellness

  • Decrease tension
  • Boost digestion
  • Increase circulation
  • Relieve stiff joints & tight muscles
  • Greater range of motion
  • Promote weight loss


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic healing art that incorporates massage, acupressure and passive stretching in yoga-like positions (fondly referred to as lazy man’s yoga).

Therapeutic.  Restorative.  Rejuvenating.

Acupressure is applied to certain points on the body in order to increase the flow of energy (lom in Thai) through specific meridian lines called Sen Lines to relieve muscle pain and stimulate healing.  Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a futon on the floor with the client dressed in comfy, loose fitted clothing.



(A technique of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching)

What do you get when you blend traditional Thai massage movements, Mashing and foot Shiatsu?  ThaiMASHiatsu!

This innovative technique is used to identify and release blockages/imbalances in the physical body.  Once energy flow is restored the body becomes deeply relaxed and blood/oxygen begin to circulate more efficiently.

Energize the body.  Release tension.  Improve overall health.