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If you are a result-driven person seeking solutions to improve your physical, mental and emotional health…

If you are ready to awaken to your true potential…

If you want to infuse your life with new energy, meaning and joy…

Then we must work together!

I have spent over twenty years accumulating wisdom and knowledge from Eastern and Western traditions.

I draw upon these wide range of complementary therapies that I have refined, innovated and integrated to support the whole person from sole to soul.

Like a snowflake, we are each unique – our wellness journey will reflect our personal solutions needed for our individual state of health, healing and wholeness.  Living a balanced life takes dedication – with the right tools and techniques it becomes a way of life.


Here are some of the tools in my toolbox…


Personal & Professional Development Coaching




Food Healing, Raw Foods Chef & Instructor

Fitness Training & Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage & ThaiMASHiatsu


energy med



CranioSacral Therapy