You.  Me.  We make shift happen.

You – A seeker on the path of wellness; looking to radically improve your health, revitalize your life, feel better and look better.

Expect to improve your quality of life.

Me –  An experienced guide.  An innovator.  A seasoned coach ready to impart you with more than just information.

Experience is the best teacher.

We – Implementing essential elements to create your distinctive quality lifestyle plan.

Personalized attention.  Professional guidance.

 Optimal health.  Genuine happiness.  Radiant beauty.  Longevity.

Now.  It’s your time.  Make shift happen.  


Individual Wellness Session

Trish FortuneFor more than 20 years I have successfully led hundreds of people in achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Now it’s your turn.  I’ll bring you the best of my experience – and myself: equipping you with practical tools and tips for application based on knowledge, research, history and ancient wisdom.


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3 Day Vital Cleanse

Jump Start Your Health & Vitality NOW

Detoxify.  Nourish.  Rejuvenate.

Valuable tools. Proven techniques. Tasty recipes.

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Food Healing Demo & Presentations

Fruits-fruit-20461047-2560-1856Are you ready to feast and feel great?

I will be your personal guide as you discover new ways to prepare delicious and healthy foods, learn how to handle food cravings and make healthy food substitutes, stay the course when traveling, dining out and/or attending family gatherings and parties, get to know the many benefits of a healthy gut, learn basic principles of detoxification and flip your life switch over to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Choose  one of the demonstrations and presentations below, and I will come to your home and demonstrate exactly how you can make healthy choices and lifestyle changes to support better health without compromising on yumminess.

Join me as I show you how to make fabulously healthy smoothies, juices, soups, salads, snacks and treats.  Learn the many health benefits of incorporating whole foods, plant-based nutrition into your eating regimen.

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Total Mind-Body-Energy Wellness Program


Are you willing to go all the way?

Do you want to address and solve ALL of your mind-body-energy challenges?

Then this full 90-Day program is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

Improve your overall health

Energize your life

Lose weight

Feel better

Look better


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Integrated Solutions

Wellness Consulting, Personal/Professional Development Coaching, Food Healing, Energy Medicine, Corrective Posture, Body Therapies

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