Health Advocate          Joy Leader            Eternal Student at Life School University

Who I Am

I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, which I define as physical vitality, radiance, a quiet-open heart, a calm mind and internal energy that is strong-healthy.  I love to make people laugh and feel light-hearted, hopeful and loved.  I am most filled with joy when I am making a difference in the world by serving others as a facilitator, teacher, coach and practitioner.  I thrive on sharing the wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired along my own journey.  Everyone needs to know that someone really cares about them and their well-being.  This comes naturally for me and keeps me inspired.


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What I Do

I spend my days helping people rediscover freedom by releasing blockages in their mind-body-energy.  The results are transformational and rewarding.  Clients wind up healing their minds from emotional wounds.  Plus, they restore balance in their body by correcting compensation patterns that have caused them physical pain and limitations in movement.  By bringing their mind and body into balance, energy is restored and their vitality is renewed.  I believe optimal health and wellness is a state of being that is possible for everyone.  I am passionate about helping people gain the freedom to move freely, to love fully and to have endless energy.  This is my zest for life.

How I Do It

Every human being is different.  Our genes, our bad habits over the years, our past experiences, all play a role in defining who we are today and determining exactly what our individual challenges are to reaching our fullest potential.  When we begin working together, I start with me learning about you.  We quickly discover your challenges, your individual hurdles and set the goals you want to accomplish. Then, I get innovative about solutions for you – and tailor specific tools for your unique needs!
I love to integrate various mind and body techniques that I have developed and refined for over 20 years – and have consistently been proven to work. Basically, I help you take your mental and physical well-being to a whole new level.

My model of health is based on a fusion of mind-body-energy therapies, fitness counseling, rehabilitation and corrective posture, nutritional consulting, living foods cuisine, bodywork and massage therapy, personal and professional development, life coaching, health education and Eastern methodologies.

I partner with other health professionals (psychiatrist, chiropractor, physical therapist, registered dietician, pain management doctor, general practitioner, massage therapist, etc) to support every aspect of our client’s life.


How I Learned To Do It

  • Degreed in Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Leadership from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Certified in the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching
  • Certified Health Educator
  • Facilitator of Psych-K
  • Certified Raw Food Chef & Instructor, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Thai Massage
  • Reiki Master in both the Jin Kei Do Lineage and Usui System of Natural Healing
  • Supreme Science Qigong Certified Instructor
  • CranioSacral Therapist trained by The Upledger Institute
  • IPEC Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Founder of Extraordinary You, Inc., partnering with health professionals to support every aspect of a client’s life.  Together, we assist them in realizing the power of transformation by creating and applying a strategy for making change a permanent reality.
  • Workshops & seminars: raw & living food demos, Ki-Hara Method of resistance stretching self-stretch class, Reiki Jin Kei Do, Qigong, stress management, optimal health, cleansing & detoxification for improved health & weight loss, mind-body-energy wellness
  • Founder, Golfer’s Strength & Length Conditioning System
  • Expert in weight management, developer & facilitator of Lighten Your Load Weight Management Program

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