Are you ready to infuse your life with new energy, meaning and joy? Yes!

Then my Fullfill-osophy is just the wellness solution for you.

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I came up with this word “fulfill-osophy” because it truly fits my mission. The prefix “fulfill” means a deep sense of contentment and joy. The suffix “osophy” means knowledge or wisdom.

Fulfill-osophy is about integrating knowledge of how to properly nurture your mind, body and energy in a way which leads to contentment and joy. I will be showing you how when you tune into your body’s natural healing wisdom you can discover more balance, harmony and health. My Fulfull-osophy is one which puts forth that there are no fences in the body – everything is connected – and when your mind, body and energy are thriving as a team –  you’re on your way to living an invigorated, fulfilling life.  My Fulfill-osophy also includes making sure that all three of these three integrated aspects  – mind, body and energy – are thriving not only together, but individually. It’s essential that you value becoming mindful, bodyful, and energyful.


If you have ever tried to maintain focus on one thought, and have become distracted by a flood of thoughts, then you know the importance of needing to be mindful. My goal for you is to help you to cultivate a tranquil mind. Our internal belief system dictates our actions. When you begin to clear away the mental static, and become more mindful, you can get clearer on your desired goals and the steps you must take to move forward. I will show you how to maintain a regular practice of eliminating what does not serve you.  As your coach, I will help you to navigate your internal terrain. Together we will discover and release the blockages that are getting in your way.

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Your body is a reflection of your life. Are you taking proper measures to honor and respect your body temple? I can help you take the mystery out of how to live in optimal health. We all have an inner physician who holds our unique prescription for the amount of rest, movement, nourishment and elimination we require to keep our internal energy strong and healthy.  I will introduce you to yours!  When you start to follow your internal body wisdom, you’ll be able to overcome illness, and create and maintain your ultimate well being. I will teach you the tools and skills you need to move freely and achieve abundant vitality.

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It seems these days everyone is in search of gaining more energy, mostly in the form of what I refer to as “false fuel” beverages like coffee, soda and energy drinks –  all of them promising to give you energy to last for hours.  Instead of relying on this fleeting false fuel, I will teach you to cultivate energy – by embracing the ancient Eastern Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine  – which has been supported with scientific proof from the West.  In the East, energy is called Qi. Qi (or energy cultivation) is determined by factors within the mind and body. I will empower you to follow my Fulfill-osophy, by addressing the necessary elements within the mind and body, thereby releasing problematic blockages and re-invigorating your internal alchemy.

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