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Shush That Stinkin’ Thinkin’

We’ve all been there, steeped in conversation, sharing a fear, worry or concern with someone we trust, to have them reply ‘just think positive!’ You think to yourself, ‘Really?  If it was that easy, we’d all be doing it!’ It is absolutely possible to adopt a healthier, happier, more peaceful outlook on life.  In order […]

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100 Happy Days Challenge

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle Join Me For A Little Happiness I came across this, 100 Happy Days Foundation, that has set out to spread happiness around the world.  What a fabulous mission – count me in! Beginning on June 1, for […]

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Living InJoy

It’s International Happiness Day! Yes, it does seem they have dedicated a day to recognize everything. Happiness is… …one of the great motivators… …a universal need… …often fleeting; resulting from external situations. You may be familiar with the phrase, “happiness is an inside job.” Look within.  Happiness held at your core is joy. Joy is… […]

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Love Thy Self

 In celebration of Valentine’s Day – show yourself some luv! Be YOUR Valentine – everyday. We all want/need to feel valued, worthy, beautiful and desirable through the eyes of someone who loves us.  It is human nature from a very young age to seek out the approval of those around us.  Often times it is […]

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Six Health Habits to Look and Feel Your Best Throughout the Holiday Season

Why wait for New Year’s resolutions to get started on your health and wellness goals? Adopt these six health habits to look and feel your best throughout the holiday season – and beyond!   There is no reason to feel deprived or neglect your health over the holidays if you implement these proven health habits.   Health Habit #1 […]

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Dwelling in the LOVE Lounge

Why are we so afraid to go within?  Fear of contact with our spirit – our soul – our light? So often, when we want to go to the heart we seek a relationship.  We send our lovers alone into our intimate spaces and expect them to fill our voids and mend our wounds.  When […]

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You – Wholeheartedly Committed to Living the Life You Love

I live by these time-honored principles (or as my clients so fondly refer to them, “Trish-isms”) in my personal life and have devoted over 20 years to educating and inspiring clients to activate them in their own lives.  I can just about guarantee YOUR greatness can be found in these words of wisdom…and if I […]

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Trish Fortune Postcard to healthier you

Send your future self a promise note…

When you are fit and healthy, more of your life belongs to you. Is that empowering or scary to you? How I see it, you are either taking personal responsibility for yourself (your health and well-being) OR you are giving your power away (letting someone or something be the boss of you). You get to make […]

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