Spring into Life


After such a harsh, long winter, we are finally feeling the momentum of Spring fever!  Birds are singing, flowers are beginning to bloom and soon that drab brown will be replaced by a lush green.  Tis’ the season of renewal – a perfect time to cleanse our environments, our internal environment (mind-body-energy) and our surroundings (home).

Internal Environment (mind-body-energy)

Follow That Thought

Each time you catch yourself thinking a thought that does not feel good, replace it with a thought that feels better.  Elevate your life, one thought at a time.  Learn more here.

 Your body is a reflection of your life.

Healthy Body Affirmations

I listen to and honor the messages I receive from my body.

I take loving care of my body temple.

I choose to feast on life-giving foods (fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, sprouts and super foods).

Jump Start Your Health and Vitality

It’s time for a whole-body detox.

Detoxify.  Nourish.  Rejuvenate.


Get Outside and Play

Live alive and vital – play.  laugh.  let go.

Spend 10 minutes a day outside in the sunshine without sunscreen – soak up nature’s vitamin D

Your Body is a Temple

Treat yourself with love.

Smile in your body – send love, joy, compassion and healing to your organs, glands and senses.

Good Health Must Be Maintained Daily – Eat Your P’s

Pure water.  Proper sleep.  Plenty of movement.  Plant-rich diet.

Energize Yourself

Get outside for some ‘Earthing.’ Read more about Earthing.

Clear stagnation and cultivate energy with Qigong (pronounced chee gung), an internal Chinese meditative practice that incorporates movements and controlled breathing techniques to strengthen the mind-body-energy connection, reduce stress, promote serenity and improve circulation.



Your environment is a mirror, reflecting back to you the harmony or discord you hold within.

Healthy Home Affirmations

I am surrounded by sacred space.

I live with what I love.

My surroundings mirror my true nature.

Your Home is a Sanctuary

Home is where the heart is.

Keep it clean, tidy and peaceful.

Let Safety, Comfort and Beauty Be Your Guide

Create an environment that reflects who you truly are…


Your Belongings Reflect and Affirm Who You Are

Why are they in your life?

Fill your home with treasures you love, wonderful memories and uplifting feelings.

Details make the decor – choose colors, textures, flavors, scents and sounds that resonate to you.

Create Fuss-Free Living

Purge what you do not love or need.  Bless them and let them go to a good home.

Things that are disliked or disorganized breed chaos.  Chaos creates stress.

Avoid C.H.A.O.S. – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!

Get Organized

Organization is not a talent, it’s a skill.  All skills are learnable.

Find it a good home – make your things easy to find and enjoy.

52 Pickup

This was a little ‘game’ my Mum taught us, and no, not the card gamethe tidy up your mess ‘game.’ When she would say, ‘it’s time to do a 52 Pickup,’ it meant it was time for us to stop what we were doing and tidy up our messes throughout the house.  I still use it everyday. I make my way, room by room, picking up and putting my things back in their proper ‘home.’

The rewards of clean living are worth the effort you put into creating a healthy habitat.  Your consistent, daily efforts to care for your body temple and your home sanctuary will soon become a habit.  Your habitat becomes your habit.  Habits become rituals.  Rituals are hard to break!

Greater quality of life.  More joy.  Greater peace of mind. More time to enjoy the people and activities you love.  I think I hear Mum now…52 Pickup. 


Happy Spring,

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