Love Thy Self

 In celebration of Valentine’s Day – show yourself some luv!


Be YOUR Valentine – everyday.

We all want/need to feel valued, worthy, beautiful and desirable through the eyes of someone who loves us.  It is human nature from a very young age to seek out the approval of those around us.  Often times it is the approval of others (or lack thereof) that determines our lifetime self-concept; who we believe we are consciously and subconsciously.

Nathaniel Branden, an expert in the field of self-esteem, defines self-concept as our physical and psychological traits, our assets and liabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and possibilities and limitations.

Our self-concept is merely a belief held in our subconscious mind.  Beliefs are learned, and quite often limiting in nature.  Beliefs are the result of thoughts you think over and over until they are imprinted in the subconscious mind.


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You are responsible for your own value.

If you question your own value, you are not alone.  “I don’t matter” or “I don’t make a difference” are the common self-limiting belief themes that diminish personal value.

Valuing yourself is an expression of self-respect.  It is your natural birthright to be joyous and expressive in your unique way.  It is noble to intend happiness and self-realization for yourself.


How would your life be different if you wholeheartedly valued yourself?

Raise Your Value

Live authentically.  Be true to thy self.  Keep the promises you make to yourself.



You are responsible for your sense of worthiness; no one else can give you self-worth.

“I am unworthy” or “I am undeserving” are universal self-limiting beliefs that are running 24/7 in the subconscious mind – sabotaging dreams, relationships, health and finances.

Honoring your worthiness is an expression of self-love.  When you hold a belief that you are worthy and deserving, the world will reflect that belief back to you.  A strong sense of self-worth will elevate your life.


Meditate on the following statement until you feel it in your being:

My sense of self-worth is unshakable.

Embrace Your Worth

Repeat aloud and often: “I like myself.” “I am worthy.”  “I am deserving.”



Your true and lasting beauty comes from within.  You will not find it outside of you – so stop searching for the magic potion, pill or article of clothing.

The self-limiting belief that holds us back from celebrating our true beauty is “I am not enough.”

True, inner beauty is a virtue of self-awareness.  When you affirm what makes you beautiful you lead the way for others to shine their own light.

“Put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.” ~ Colossians 3:13, 14.


Reflect upon the beauty within you.

Celebrate What Makes You Beautiful

Let your inner light shine.


You see the world as you see yourself.  Being desirable is your responsibility.

The self-limiting belief themes that keep us from feeling desirable are “I am flawed.”  “There is something wrong with me.”  “Nobody cares about me.”

Desirability is an expression of self-awareness.  The key factor of desirability is attitude.  The attitude you adopt will guide your life, your relationships and your experiences.  Attitude is a fluid state; and easy to change when will is inserted.

“You are what your deep driving desire is; as your desire is so is your will; as your will is so is your deed; as your deed is so is your destiny.” ~ Upanishads


How would you carry yourself if you profoundly desired, loved and honored yourself?

Step Up Your Desirability

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Focus on what is desirable within you and then bring that attitude/perspective to your view of the world.

“As you think, so shall you be.”

It all boils down to beliefs.  Beliefs that are self-limiting in nature are like bugs in a computer.  Just as you can de-bug your computer, you can rewrite the programs in the subconscious mind.  You can replace those old restrictive messages with a new, self-empowering reality – and I can show you how.

If you are ready to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you and achieve a new, elevated state of being than I am your girl!  In my coaching practice, I use a method called Psych-K, short for Psychological Kinesiology, a powerful Energy Psychology technique.  In a matter of minutes, beliefs held in your subconscious mind are reprogrammed to better serve you – go from “cause and effect” to “causing an effect” – meaning a change in your thoughts creates a change in your reality.

 Applause for Psych-K with Trish

rFZ1BI have been working with Trish for nearly five years and trust her completely.  When Trish uses Psych-K,  it is in a holistic fashion interwoven with her vast array of skills and expertise.  Her intuitive style quickly zeroes in on your limiting belief and transforms it into a positive, healthy belief in a language tailored to her clients.

Each of my Psych-K experiences with Trish are deeply impactful and free me move to the next level of personal growth.  I trust Trish completely and will continue to reach out whenever I feel “stuck.”  Trish is truly a Master in the ancient style. Work with her once and you will be hooked. Let Trish guide you to your “inner fortune.”
Doug M.

IMG_7570I had been working with Trish for a few months when she recommended we try Psych-K to reprogram some of the negative/inhibiting beliefs that
were running in my mind subconsciously (and in some cases –
consiously!).  I had heard of Psych-K before, but was always skeptical
that it worked.  It was through my trust in Trish and her ability to
explain how/why it works that I was willing to try. I have to say – I
was surprised at how profound the experience was. I hadn’t expected to
feel my energy change so instantly!  If you feel you are trying to
make a change but “traditional” therapies aren’t working, I encourage
you to try Psych-K. It continues to energize and amaze me.
Lisa B.
Check out this video of Rob Williams, the developer of Psych-K and Bruce Lipton, the biologist who is best known for his breakthrough work in beliefs determining our biology (not DNA).  Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief is one of my favorite reads!


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