Six Health Habits to Look and Feel Your Best Throughout the Holiday Season

Why wait for New Year’s resolutions to get started on your health and wellness goals?

Adopt these six health habits to look and feel your best throughout the holiday season – and beyond!



There is no reason to feel deprived or neglect your health over the holidays if you implement these proven health habits.


Health Habit #1 – Preload 

plan ahead – be sure to eat before you arrive

Begin each morning with fresh fruit or a green smoothie.

Have a big salad for lunch.

Eat some fresh greens with your holiday meal to help to break down those difficult to digest holiday foods and help fill you up.


Health Habit #2 – Bring a dish 

go prepared – know what you are going to eat

A great opportunity to share your healthy creations with loved ones, while making the party preparation easier on the the host/hostess.


Health Habit #3 – Pace yourself 

honor your body  – enjoy your favorites – stay mindful

Refrain from throwing dietary caution to the wind.

Slow down when you eat.  Enjoy the sensory experience of the food and the company that surrounds you.

Prevent backtracking with every holiday cocktail party, office party, dinner party and family gathering by pacing yourself throughout the holiday season – it’s really not necessary to sample everything!


Health Habit #4 – Zen in 10 routine 

center yourself – purify your heart – release your stress

Set aside 10 minutes of “me time” each day – try one of these techniques:

belly breathing * Qigong * moments of reflection * Mindfulness meditation * gratitude journal

Zen in 10 routine is a technique from my upcoming Bless Your Stress program that will be launching in early 2014 – look for details soon!


Health Habit #5 – Stay hydrated 

consume at least half your body weight in ounces

Be sure to drink purified water.  Room temperature is best for proper absorption.  Hydrate between meals.

Drink minimally during mealtime – give your precious digestive juices that the body needs to break down a meal a chance to work. The more work a meal takes to break down the more sluggish you will feel  and the more difficult it will be to lose weight which is critical if your New Year’s Resolution includes fighting the flab.


Health Habit #6 – Movement

move your body – move your bowels

Begin each day focused on YOU! Greet each morning with a 20 minute yoga routine, some gentle stretches, foam rolling, a Qigong session, or a walk.

After your holiday meal, take a walk with a relative or friend – use this time to connect, catch up and share the holiday cheer.

Take a probiotic, (I highly recommend the Good Belly brand) to help facilitate bowel movements – a healthy gut is the key to boosting your immunity, managing your weight, taming your sugar cravings and energizing your body.

Consistently following these health habits will help keep you healthy and happy all year long!

Wishing you warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and and joy in your life.

May the peace of this beautiful season live in your heart, always,

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This blog is written as a source of information only. The information contained in this blog should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional, who should always be consulted before beginning any new diet or other health program. The author disclaims any liability for any adverse effects arising from the use or application of the information contained herein.

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