Dwelling in the LOVE Lounge

Why are we so afraid to go within? 

Fear of contact with our spirit – our soul – our light?

So often, when we want to go to the heart we seek a relationship.  We send our lovers alone into our intimate spaces and expect them to fill our voids and mend our wounds.  When did you last spend quality time dwelling in your own heart – experiencing your love firsthand?

The old adage is true, you cannot give away what you don’t have. 

trish.ornamentThe degree to which you can truly love another is based on how whole-heartedly you love yourself.


When being loved is solely an outside job, lost love and broken dreams take their toll on our sense of self.  We shut down, locking our hurts deep within and turning a blind eye to the damage caused by these crimes of the heart.

An essential step in the healing process is the autopsy of all relationships that created pain and loss. The wounds from family, friends and lovers that up to this point have been our justification for why we do not get too close – too real – too vulnerable.

It takes time, patience and persistence, so give yourself permission to be ‘closed for renovation’ while preparing to open up your heart to the depth and richness of unconditional love.

It takes courage and a little willingness to see beyond the EGO illusions we have come to believe are real – our bodies – our stuff – our stories.

Release the blame you hold toward others who have harmed you.

Liberate the shame you hold against yourself.

Totally and completely forgive others – and yourself.

Journey back to the Truth – we are Love.  We were created in love.  When we lay our body down we return to love.

Because I have such a passion for interior design, I like to think of my heart as my LOVE Lounge – a dwelling for celebration and joy – open and inviting to my guests.  The place I seek refuge when the world has beaten me down – my safe place to land.

It makes no difference if you have a flair for creating space or not – we are all ‘interior’ designers – with the capacity to create a comfy, safe space inside ourselves.

As we begin to allow others to join us in our LOVE Lounge, we become wholly receptive, opening our hearts to pure love and deepening our sense of peace.

Repeat the following mantra out loud while you connect with your breath:

Inner Freedom Mantra

I open; I invite. (deep inhale – slow exhale)

I release; I let go. (deep inhale – slow exhale)

I give; I receive. (deep inhale – slow exhale)

I surrender; I allow. (deep inhale – slow exhale)


May you rest softly in your LOVE Lounge,

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