3 No-fail Techniques to Tame Your Chronic Aches and Pains {part 3 of 3}

No-fail Technique #3: Move your body more

Chi-Gong-YinYangtrish4“Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing; rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day.  Movement gives health and life.”
~Ancient proverb in Traditional Chinese Medicine

We sit so much we have created a new disease.  Yes, I am serious – and so is this disease!

Sitting disease” is the name medical experts have given our epidemic of long periods of physical inactivity and the negative consequences associated with the lack of movement.
The average American spends 7.7 hours daily seated (car – desk – sofa – repeat).  A 2010 study found that women who were inactive and sat for over 6 hours were 94% more likely to die during the time of the study.  Men were 48% more likely to die.  These are very real and scary statistics.  The good news is we can change these statistics – get up, stand up, stand up for your life!

Your goal arrow.tfmove it, move it – on the regular!

Desk jockey get up and stand, walk around every half hour.
Sofa surfer get up and walk the stairs during commercials.
Go fill your water bottle or step outside for a breath of fresh air.
Commit to a regular exercise routine – limit your time on the bike for cardio; instead, log more time walking so can reap the benefits of standing and stretching your legs.

Consider learning  Qigong  (pronounced chee-gong) Traditional Chinese medicine form of movement that includes breath work and meditation.
Don’t let this gentle form of exercise fool you.  You can circulate blood through your body as if you ran 5 miles, without the wear and tear to your joints or breaking a sweat.

Check out my blog about Earthing Qigong

Putting it All Together

Remember, pain is NOT a lifestyle.  Begin taming your chronic aches and pains with my 3 no-fail techniques:

No-fail technique #1 – hydrate your cells

No-fail technique #2 – correct your posture

No-fail technique #3 – move your body more

Try postural fitness – conduct your strength training or cardio routine while maintaining proper posture.  Within just a short matter of time you will notice a great improvement in your upper and lower core muscles (upper core muscles refer to muscles between your shoulder blades).  And since you are working out – you will be drinking water between sets!

Add foam rolling to your wellness routine to work out the knots and help support healthy tissue.  Learn how here.

Additional Health Perks

  • More bowel movements (your goal is 3+ movements per day)
  • Decrease stress hormones
  • Manage weight/lose fat
  • Flush toxins from tissues
  • Maintain proper bone mineral density


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