3 No-fail Techniques to Tame Your Chronic Aches and Pains {part 2 of 3}

No-fail Technique #2:  Correct your posture

Forward-Head-Posture-Weight-of-HeadI think it  is a cardinal rule that every mother tell their child to stand up and not slouch.  When I meet someone new and we get into the discussion of what I do for a living it no longer surprises me when the person begins to shift their posture as I say that I specialize in corrective exercise and posture correction.  Proper posture is that “annoying” thing we know we need to work on when brought to our attention and then we forget or more likely, quickly get distracted by some feel-good thing.

Once Again..Your Mother Was Right!

Poor posture creates tension in the body – leading to aches, pains and injuries.

As you see in the photo above, for every inch of forward head posture, the weight of the head on the spine can increase by an additional 10 pounds.

Poor posture will depress your mood, emotions and energy level.

Give it a try and feel for yourself – stand or take a quick walk in a slouched, despondent posture.  How do you feel?  How was your energy affected?
Now stand tall with your chest open and lifted and head high – What do you notice/feel when you lift your chest/heart center?  How was your energy affected?

Adopt a New, More Empowered (a.k.a. pain-free) Stance

You can reduce your pain and correct your poor posture in as little as a five minute practice conducted three times per day.  Follow my Stand Tall 5-Point Posture Routine.

Stand Tall 5-Point Posture Routine:

1. Stand tall

2. Lift your chest/heart

3. Retract your scapula (as if you were squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades, naturally tho – a sustainable squeeze, not a tight squeeze!)

4. Contract your abs

5. Head & hip check – make sure your head is in alignment with your body (not a curious turtle); make sure your hips are in a neutral position – ladies don’t stick your booty out!

Your goalarrow.tf  follow my posture prescription 3 x per day for 5 minutes

It helps to line your practice up with things you are already doing – making breakfast, walking to lunch, driving home from work, etc.
Each week increase the number of times per day you practice Stand Tall 5-Point Posture Routine (ex. week 2 increase to 4-5 x per day; week 3 increase to 5-6 x per day)
Add this posture routine to your workout sessions and you will be amazed with your new found results.

Remember you will get the best results if you have a conscious, well-defined posture practice!

Additional Health Perks

  • Breathe better
  • Digest food more effectively
  • Happier, more content emotional state
  • More energy


Stay tuned for No-fail Technique #3 to Tame Your Chronic Aches and Pains

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