3 No-fail Techniques to Tame Your Chronic Aches and Pains {part 1of 3}

Chronic pain and stress make for a vicious cycle, accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, depression or lethargy, inflammation, dehydration, dependency on prescription drugs, excess weight gain, a diet low in nutrient density and a heavy-hearted feeling that there is no way out.

lio-to-tameI have become known as the ‘Pain Tamer’ because I help release clients from the clutches of the chronic pain-stress cycle. Learn more

Are you ready to free yourself of pain and restore your body to a soothing state of calm?
Follow Pain Tamer’s 3 no-fail techniques and rediscover the freedom of pain-free living.

Your pain may have marched in like a lion, but it is going out like a lamb!

No-fail Technique #1: Hydrate your cells

Glass-of-Water-1 (1)

You’ve heard it before – our bodies are made of water; 90% of our blood, 85% of our brain and even our bones have 30%.

Water is vital to our existence and essential to the many functions of the body (extract nutrients from food, transportation of nutrients through the bloodstream, cellular metabolism).

Water is what cleanses and heals the body systems.

Without sufficient water the body suffers from chronic toxemia and many preventable diseases, including cancer. Research has indicated that drinking a minimum of five glasses of water (40 ounces) per day can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent, breast cancer by 80 percent and bladder cancer by 50 percent. Chronic back pain and arthritis pain can be relieved with as little as eight glasses (64 ounces) of water per day.

Purified Water – the Elixir of Life

Drink more water (not fluids) – water! Average tap water has over 38 different toxic chemicals in it.  Yikes!

Always drink purified water (filtered water). There are many filtration systems on the market from your basic water filter like a Brita to reverse osmosis to living water. I recommend doing some research to see which water filtration system will meet both your needs and budget.

Xeno what?

In recent years there has been much more awareness around the dangers of plastic. Plastic contains a toxic chemical compounds called xenoestrogens that imitates estrogen in the body. This dangerous toxin has been the cause of men developing ‘man boobs.’ Bottom line – avoid drinking water from plastic bottles as often as you can. Instead, opt for either stainless steel or glass.

Your goalarrow.tfconsume half your body weight in ounces

Go slow! If you have not been consuming adequate water your cells will need some time to adapt to the additional water intake – think dry cactus!

Hydrate with Fresh Produce

Raw fruits, veggies and leafy greens provide our cells with hydration and alkalization, in addition to all the life-giving properties in raw produce. So bring on the green smoothies, salads and fresh homemade juices.

Here is one of my favorite fresh pressed juice recipes Jolly Green Giant Juice

Rubber Ducky You’re the One…

detox bath cover

Another really effective way to use water to decrease pain and promote health is the addition of hydrotherapy, soaking either your full body or if you do not have access to a tub, just soaking your feet and ankles. A detox soak with Epsom salts will help to flush toxins from the lymph, blood and tissues. You will notice an immediate decrease in aches and pains.
Here is the recipe I recommend to my clients who are suffering from chronic aches and pains, stress and low immunity. Excellent for speeding up recovery from colds and flu.
Detox soak recipe


Additional Health Perks

  • Decreased heartburn
  • Fewer headaches/migraines
  • Less depression/better able to cope with stress
  • Improved back and neck pain
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Flush toxins from tissues


Stay tuned for No-fail Techniques #2 and #3 to Tame Your Chronic Aches and Pains

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