Send your future self a promise note…

Trish Fortune Postcard to healthier youWhen you are fit and healthy, more of your life belongs to you.

Is that empowering or scary to you?

How I see it, you are either taking personal responsibility for yourself (your health and well-being) OR you are giving your power away (letting someone or something be the boss of you).

You get to make that choice – everyday.

With every thought you think.  With every action you take.  With every subconscious belief you act on.  The choice is ALWAYS yours…

Love-Play-Live full out?


Live an unfulfilled, robotic life – status quo?

You get to choose.


As a life coach and fitness trainer with over 20 years under my belt, I have heard every excuse in the book to not be fit and healthy!

The excuses you cling to may be costing you..

Living an unhealthy life is robbing you of:

Your time.  You are investing your time traveling to and from doctor appointments.  Not to mention waiting for the doc, the prescription, the magic pill.  You get the idea.

Your energy.  You feel like crap.  You are lethargic, in pain and have low-to-no energy.

Your money.  Money? Who cares if you have some if you don’t have the joy in your heart and energy in your bones to get out and enjoy it!

Your career.  Researchers have proven that overweight, sick employees are often the most overlooked for job advancements.

Your contribution.  If you are so busy being taken care of or given a hall pass what can you really bring to others that edifies their life?

Your happiness.  Physical pain – mental anguish – shame from being a burden on others.  Simply not up to enjoying friends, family or adventure.  Basically, no fun.

 Are you ready to drop your excuses and make a new choice?

make a commitment to yourself

Getting healthy and fit is more than doing some pushups or going for a power walk.  Although, both are very good forms of movement I highly recommend!

It is about being impeccable with your word – honor the commitments you make to yourself.

If you commit to walk for 20 minutes everyday, keep that promise – don those sneakers and walk!


It is about setting attainable and reasonable goals and expectations.

You know the saying, “Rome was not built in day!”  How many days did it take you to get to your current state of health and well-being?  Give yourself time.  Be patient.  Be kind.  Be realistic.  Expect greatness.

It is about giving yourself permission to equally fail and succeed without making it mean some b.s.

“you are never going to get “there” – you aren’t athletic – people will expect more of you – you are already too depleted and spread thin – everything will change or fall apart.”

Really?  Told you I have heard them all!

Here’s the deal – your efforts over time create habits.  Create healthy habits.  Or as my Dad used to say, “do it ‘til you get it right!”


It is about learning to get in touch with aspects of yourself you have denied far too long.

Honor what your heart says.

Listen to your body (without silencing the messages with medication).

Bridge the gap between your mind and body (yes, there is a connection).

Respect yourself in a way you may never have experienced before.

Yes, you can – you must!

Health is a choice.  Health is a treasure.

A new, expansive level of health and well-being awaits you – it’s just one thought away.

Make the commitment to yourself today…and then send your future self a promise note!


Ready to experience a new state of health and well-being in your life?  I can help you achieve that goal and more. Lean more about Trish.

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