Celebrate Good Times and Great Men – a Tribute to My Dad..and Yours on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day weekend and I am headed down to my folk’s lake house. I sincerely think I love these holidays more than the Hallmark store does!  Celebrating people, life and love brings me great joy.

The lake is about 90 minutes from my house. My car is gassed up and packed with all the necessities for a fun-filled family weekend (bathing suit, good food, flip flops and surprises for Dad). I am blessed to have one of those families that really appreciate time together.

As I make my way down the winding country roads I reflect on the father and friend I have in my Dad. He has blessed my life in so many ways – his sense of humor, his great expectations of me and the values he has imparted me with over my lifetime – all have greatly influenced the woman I am today.

My Dad taught me to value forgiveness, kindness, gratitude and true happiness above all else. He instilled in me mindfulness of what matters most – my health, my relationship to Source and my family/loved ones.

So today let’s celebrate the men who have shaped our lives. I have a special story to share with you about a father and his daughter. The theme of this story is prioritizing – making time for what matters most (something we all must be reminded of from time to time).

May these words lighten your heart and lift your spirit as you reflect on the special men in your life.

Thanks Daddy for being YOU – I am forever grateful. Much love.


Special father/daughter story: 

A father and his daughter were sitting on the deck of their beach house overlooking the ocean, enjoying morning coffee. The daughter was reflecting on her life and how overworked she was.

She complained that she never had enough time for her husband, their daughter or herself. “How did you do it Dad? you were always there, you never seemed stressed out, but you were very successful.”
He bent over, picked up an old, slightly rusty coffee can, and taking his time – looked at her.
“Walk with me,” he said.

They stepped down from the deck and headed toward the beach.

“Grab as many large rocks as you can.”
The daughter quickly gathered a number of rocks and scooped them into her shirt.

“Put them in here,” her dad said, placing the old can on the sand at his feet. One by one she placed each rock into the can until there was no more room.

“Is it full?” he asked.
She nodded. The father set his cup of coffee down next to the can and walked closer to the shoreline. He gathered up some small pebbles and placed them in the can. The pebbles filled the gaps between the large rocks.
“Is it full now?” he puzzled.
There’s a point you’re making, isn’t there?” she asked while nodding.
He headed back for the shoreline and grabbed two handfuls of sand.
With his hands, he funneled it into the coffee can, closing the gaps between the pebbles.
“It’s full now, I get it!” the daughter exclaimed.
“Tell me,” the father replied.
“Well, it basically means that no matter how much stuff is in your life you can always make room for more,” said the daughter.

“No, not quite,” he said.

“This coffee can represents your life, rust and all. The rocks represent the things that mean the most – your Creator, your family, children, health, desires, hopes and dreams – things that would still be there if all else were lost. The pebbles are the other things that are important to you – your career, your house and your paddle board – the things you like. The sand is the small stuff – EVERYTHING else that gets in the way. Putting the sand in first leaves room for little else.”
She looked at her father like she had many times before and said nothing.
“Fill your life with sand and you’ll have less room for the rocks and pebbles that make life better and you happy,” he said.

She hugged him and whispered thank you into his ear.

“Don’t forget your coffee,” she said as he bent over to pick up the can.
“I didn’t.” He picked up the coffee and poured it into the can, soaking the sand, rocks and pebbles.

“What was that for?” she asked surprisingly.

“That was to show you that no matter how full your life may be, you’ve always got room for a cup of coffee with your Dad.”



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